About Us

We have a family tradition going back 3 generations and over 90 years of creating Zeppole and Calzones. Our menu is unique by holding the same style recipe for all those years. We make 3 types of calzones “veggie” for the vegetarians in the crowd, they are happy to get a meal of this type outside of their homes, Meat calzones and Plain calzones. Our Zeppole are Italian donuts. Our food is prepared on site and made from scratch. People enjoy seeing food being prepared in front of them. This gives them a show and lets them see food is being prepared correctly and safely. We also sell Philly Cheese Steaks made from real steak not processed meat and sausage and peppers which we do see around in other events. We do use a perfect butcher blend for the sausage giving it a unique sausage and pepper taste. We have had to alter our menu for many events / fairs we are more than willing to work with everyone around us.